What We do

Chef Genie is a quick, easy and efficient way to order food from your phone, tablet, laptop or pc. A much better alternative to placing an order down a noisy phone line!

You can browse the latest menus from your favourite restaurants/takeaways at your leisure. Or if you need help in finding a takeaway, our site will recommend the best outlets that deliver in your area.

All you have to do is “wish for your dish, online”.

The benefits of ordering through Chef Genie

Ordering food with Chef Genie is a quick and efficient way of ordering your favourite food online. You can order directly from your phone by downloading our mobile app.
But it’s also a lot more than that.

  • Chef Genie is an online ordering platform with an ethical ingredient. For every order made through us we’ll feed a hungry child in the less developed world.
    When you eat, a hungry child eats too.
  • Each time you order through us, you’re earning Genie Points which you can save up to redeem against a free meal.
  • You can join our High 5ive loyalty scheme to get your 5th meal free.
  • Once registered with Chef Genie, you can save your details, so you can quickly and easily make a repeat order in the future.
  • We will take responsibility for ensuring that your order is correct and delivered online. A confirmation email allows you to check your order before it is delivered.

The benefits of joining Chef Genie as a restaurant or takeaway

Chef Genie is a popular online food ordering platform. By signing up with us, you will increase your visibility, enabling you to reach an increased customer base.

Restaurants/takeaways signed up with us will benefit from our online marketing activities.

Our ethical ethos will encourage more customers to use your services.

Don’t worry if you’re already signed up with another online platform – you can still register with Chef Genie too. And we think you’ll find our commission charges much more competitive than the bigger platforms!

The Chef Genie team will create menus for your restaurant or takeaway, listing all your dishes and prices online.

We handle all the payments for you, taking away the hassle of collecting the cash. That leaves you to concentrate on what you’re best at - producing delicious food for your customers.

How Chef Genie was born

We are a small family-run business that cares deeply about our relationships with all our outlets and their customers.

After many years of working closely with takeaways and restaurants to reduce their costs in the energy and telecoms market, it was a natural progression to put our minds to increasing their profits and maximizing their potential for excellence.

We do this by providing them with an online presence, the tools to process online orders and a promise to deliver only the best food at the best price to the customer.

We believe we have engineered the perfect online food ordering portal which has brought together all our experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver the perfect meal directly to the customer’s door.